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Welcome to Shaping Minds, if you are looking for information on evidence-based teaching with professional learning for schools and teachers… then you are in the right place!


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Shaping Minds combine the science of learning with the art of teaching to provide evidence-based professional learning, instructional coaching, curriculum expertise, and customised teaching resources for schools in a diverse range of contexts. Jordan O’Sullivan, Jared Bussell and Brooke Wardana have been supporting teachers, schools, and systems across the educational landscape in Australia for several years. Shaping Minds works shoulder-to-shoulder with educational organisations including Fogarty Edvance, the Kimberley Schools Project, Learning Difficulties Australia, Teach for Australia, the Knowledge Society, and were the ‘Master Teacher’ advisors for the philanthropist-backed Teach-Well Masterclass initiative.

Spaced professional learning with blended modes of delivery available

Having achieved whole-school improvement in both metro and regional settings, Shaping Minds understands the complexities inherent in schooling. They have extensive experience driving school improvement through a focus on evidence-based instructional methods. Their results stem from investing deeply in connecting schools with validated, research-driven practices and providing long-term pragmatic support for those teachers implementing them. The team has strong roots in W.A. and feel strongly about supporting schools in both metro and regional areas. This includes delivering professional learning workshops in rural and remote locations and ensuring that our most isolated educators get access to quality professional learning and support.


Another great week coaching dedicated teachers and demonstrating evidence-based instructional strategies in @ceacg classrooms. Teachers supporting teachers: the way it should always be. @DrLSHammond @BrookeWardana @douglas_elena @ellis_patrick @Rossefox


Visiting some amazing teachers at WA’s longest standing primary school - Guildford PS. Not only has it been running since 1868 and rich in history. But how many schools do you know have their own cookbook? 🤯😊


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At Shaping Minds, we pride ourselves on providing ongoing, practical support for the system’s most powerful assets its teachers and leaders.

– Jared Bussell & Jordan O’Sullivan

Some of the organisations and schools that we have worked with

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Cognitive Science – Attention & Engagement – Explicit Teaching – Curriculum – Evidence-Based Pedagogy – Spaced & Blended Professional Learning

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