Insight Project

Catholic Education Tasmania

A system-wide commitment by Catholic Education Tasmania (CET) to embed the science of learning within every classroom, for every student, and every day. The 3-year project utilises a bespoke model of learning modules, face-to-face coaching, teaching demonstrations, and our much sought after teaching intensives that are led by Shaping Minds teachers who get to work with CET’s superstar students.
With amazing leadership from Executive Director Gerard Gaskin and Project Lead Jennifer White. We are proud to partner in an initiative that has so much potential to impact the day-to-day lives of teachers and their students.

Spaced across 3 years, the Insight Project has bold aims to embed high-impact teaching strategies across all schools in the system. It is an awe inspiring realisation that over 16,000 students will now have access to impactful evidence-based teaching in their classrooms because decision makers chose to follow the research.

With a focus on building and aligning teacher knowledge surrounding the most validated strategies for effective instruction. The initiative includes whole-school curriculum scope and sequences, high quality teaching lessons and daily reviews, practical professional learning that connects the research to practice, and instructional coaching and teaching demonstrations with Shaping Minds teachers.

Below are the Insight initiative’s foundational pillars:

1. Research – the why
2. Curriculum – the what
3. Pedagogy – the how

Foundation 1 – Research

Cognitive Science, or the Science of Learning, plays a vital role in enhancing our comprehension of how individuals learn. It empowers us to surmount the constraints of working memory, thereby optimizing student learning and fostering long-term memory across all essential subjects.

Foundation 2 – Curriculum

curriculum that is comprehensive and knowledge-rich, aiding students in their daily journey of learning, understanding, and retaining information.

Foundation 3 – pedagogy

High-impact Pedagogy involves the provision of consistent and thorough coaching to aid our educators in the practical application of the science of learning. This helps us craft remarkably efficient and effective teaching and learning methods in the classroom.

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