Learning Difficulties Australia

The educational juggernaut Louisa Moats is emphatic that the underlying solution to nearly all learning deficits is simply, and yet profoundly — quality guided practice with an expert teacher.
The key is the teaching, so let’s get about making sure every teacher has the skillset and confidence of an expert.
LDA and its community of educators and stakeholders are some of the most powerful advocates for evidence-based teaching that we have, and we appreciate them for it.

Jordan O’Sullivan and Jared Bussell, along with their Explicit Instruction friends Dr Lorraine Hammond AM and Brooke Wardana regularly advocate for the benefits of an evidence-based approach to teaching literacy through their work with Learning Difficulties Australia. When we say that every child can succeed, we mean it!

Not sure how a comprehensive reading approach taught explicitly looks like? Join Associate Professor Lorraine Hammond, Jared Bussell, Jordan O’Sullivan and Brooke Wardana for a day that focuses on both the Science of Reading and how to teach it.

Edith Cowan University – Mt Lawley Campus
Lecture Theatre 17.157, 2 Bradford St, Mount Lawley, WA 6050

9:00 am– 3:00 pm. Registration from 8:15am

LDA Members $45 | Non-members $95

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The boys hosted an online session for LDA discussing evidenced-based approaches for teaching Maths.

This Weekly Wednesday Webinar (WWW) is presented by Jordan O’Sullivan and Jared Bussell on the importance of explicit Maths teaching and how to go about it. Explicit instruction is the perfect way to teach novices students complex concepts and skills in a way where everyone can experience success in the classroom. If you don’t currently teach using worked examples, you will after watching this. Excuse their banter, these boys are smarter than they look.