We focus so much on coaching teachers, but who is supporting the coaches…

Following on from our Research to Impact course, which unpacks the research and strategies that underpin high-impact teaching. Our coaching course is designed for those who are working in schools to directly support teachers who are implementing high-impact teaching strategies in their classrooms. This is important work that often falls to school leaders and champion teachers without adequate training, if any at all.
Our 2 day coaching course starts by unpacking the research on instructional coaching, before spending the bulk of the course invested in observing high-impact teaching and coaching, engaging in professional discussions, and participating in authentic coaching experiences.

 ✓ Live teaching & coaching demonstrations
 ✓ Real classrooms
 ✓ Real students
 ✓ Balance of research and practical
This course represents what we have learned from more than a decade of successful instructional coaching — first as teachers on the receiving end, and then as coaches supporting our peers in primary and secondary schools all over Australia.
We run this course at different points over the year, so use the contact form below to find out when the next opportunities are.

Note: We typically require teachers and leaders to complete our Research to Impact course before engaging with our Coaching High-Impact Teaching course, as there are strong connections between the research and strategies of both courses. It is also worth noting that school administrators attend our Research to Impact course free of charge.

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